• Sensor Bypass Armature Modular BAMa

    Water treatment – from drinking water, water for pool & wellness to industrial water

    Up to 9 functional modules can be freely configured in a single armature.

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  • Offshore oil extraction: compact anti-corrosion protection

    Operating safety and efficiency are main priorities for oil extraction. This requires systems to always be fully state-of-the-art. When a drilling platform in the Persian Gulf needed upgrading, ProMinent delivered the goods.

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  • Food industry

    Perfect hygiene and precise metering are indispensable in food production. To achieve this, ProMinent supplies appropriate and reliable measurement, control and metering technology as well as various water disinfection systems.

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  • Acids for cleaning purposes

    You can get washing systems designed specifically for trains too. They use harsher cleaning agents to remove the dirt than are found in car washes. For example, hydrochloric acid to remove iron debris from brakes. Of course, this demands precise metering.

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  • It's much nicer to bathe in your own pool

    These days the dream of your own swimming pool is cheaper and easier to achieve than you may think. In a private pool in the picturesque district town of Lörrach, the metering system DULCODOS® Pool Comfort ensures enjoyment in crystal-clear water.

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