Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid Controls India Pvt. Ltd. presents its new online presence

November 2017

The new website is online. A range of improvements has been made – here is a selection of them:

ProMinent has been synonymous with innovation in metering technology and water treatment for over 50 years. On its new website the successful owner-managed firm, based in Heidelberg, presents its full range of products and services in a user-friendly form.

The site has been relaunched after months of planning, and now ProMinent is demonstrating that the digital world is a welcome means of modern communication for the globally operating company.

The new website is online since November 2017. A range of improvements has been made – here is a selection of them:

1. Responsive design
The site is optimally displayed on all end devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) – an essential requirement with the growing mobile use of the Internet.

2. Modern design and new images
The attractive, professional layout and new images enhance the user experience on

3. Better user guidance
Access via the industries and applications is clearer and more complete. New applications and industries have also been added.

4. Revised content and structure
Text content has been revised, shortened and restructured. Users can find the information they are looking for much faster. For example, for a given product, matching accessories, spare parts and relevant practical examples are highlighted.

5. Improved searching and download centre
The search algorithm has been vastly improved. There is better support in the download centre for downloading information in various languages. This is a vital function for a company with representatives in over 100 countries worldwide.

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