Dust-free metering rather than systems covered in dust

ProMinent systems have been supplying flocculation aids for clarifier sludge dewatering in the Forchheim clarification plant since the 1980s. Following a renovation project, the modern ProMinent technology is still just as reliable and dust-free too.

From wet to dry: A reduction factor of 30

Can you still remember the clinic in the Black Forest where the TV professor Brinkmann practised? Even back in the 1980s the waste water from the clinic went to the clarification plant in nearby Forchheim, located between Kaiserstuhl and Rhein. Then as now, the Abwasserzweckverband Breisgauer Bucht handled the waste water from a catchment area of 650 km². Once the water is fully clean, all that remains is clarifier sludge, which is dewatered in a drying facility. Every year 240,000 t of wet sludge is shrunk to produce 8,000 t of dry sludge. Flocculation aids help to separate solid matter from the liquid. When two of the metering systems in the facilities, originally fitted in the 1980s, were scheduled to be replaced, the operator once again appointed ProMinent on the basis of their positive experiences with the old systems. They were hoping to retain the quality levels to which they had become accustomed and get an added bonus of “finally having a dust-free cellar”.

Key data

  • Replacement of 2 sludge dewatering systems in the Forchheim clarification plant (Breisgau)
  • Metering of polymers as flocculation aid, approx. 2 m³/h
  • Use of Tomal products: Metering system PolyRex with Optimo flushing system, Big Bag emptying station, stainless steel maturing and metering tanks, multi-screw feeder
  • Clean working environment thanks to dust-free handling of the polymer powder
  • Cost savings: lower disposal costs from optimum sludge dewatering, lower operating costs due to minimal personnel and maintenance expenses

Proven supplier– improved modern technology

A solution is prepared from the polymer powder as the flocculation aid. In the past, storing, transporting and batching the powder was a dusty job, but with modern technology from ProMinent subsidiary Tomal it’s all changed. The waste water treatment association decided to use the metering system PolyRex with Optimo flushing system. This closed system guarantees precise, reliable and most importantly dust-free handling of the powder, as it batches the polymer solution with optimum efficiency in a controlled environment. The scope of delivery also included a Big Bag emptying station, stainless steel maturing and metering tanks and multi-screw feeder. The new systems are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The first of the two systems to be replaced went into operation in February 2015 and the second has been up and running since January 2017.

Conclusion: Greater convenience, fewer costs!

In addition to the dust-free working environment – which makes day-to-day operations much more pleasant – the new PolyRex metering systems deliver some impressive benefits:

  • minimal personnel and maintenance expenses due to fully automatic operation
  • lower polymer consumption due to optimum mixing and precise metering
  • flexible adaptation of metering amounts to various concentration requirements
  • reduced costs for sludge disposal thanks to the high dewatering rates
  • high process reliability in water treatment and reliable compliance with all statutory requirements

Used Products - Dust-free metering rather than systems covered in dust

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