Glue has to smell nice too!

Glue sticks are popular, easy-to-use items in the office, home or kindergarten: they stick paper together, the result can be adjusted and they don't dry out. They also smell nice – thanks to the use of carefully metered fragrance.

Following your nose?

The adhesives used in glue sticks are often made of synthetic substances with an unpleasant smell. No matter how practical they are, their smell would make them unattractive to consumers. This is why the manufacturers add fragrances to the adhesive. One well-known glue manufacturer used to add this fragrance manually, but was unsatisfied with the result: often, too much or too little was added. Too high an amount increases production costs due to unnecessary consumption of the expensive fragrance, while too small an amount does not adequately mask the undesirable smell, affecting product quality. So the manufacturer needed a solution to meter the fragrance with accuracy.

Key data

  • Production of glue sticks
  • Manufacturer previously used manual addition of fragrance, with unsatisfactory results
  • Changing metered quantities
  • Solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ X for flexible and reliable metering of fragrances
  • Consistent product quality
  • Optimised fragrance consumption

Flexible quality assurance

ProMinent delivered the solution in the form of the new solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ X . The pump was easy to integrate in the existing production system and now ensures that the fragrance is always added in exactly the right quantity. Thanks to intuitive control via the display and the newly developed click wheel, metering can be adjusted to the adhesive at any time. The gamma/ X also improves reliability by automatically detecting and correcting error situations such as gas bubbles.

As much as necessary, as little as possible

  • Limitation of production costs through controlled consumption of expensive fragrance
  • Precise metering guarantees high product quality
  • Convenient adjustment of metered amount
  • Reliable system operation thanks to integrated fault monitoring

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