Offshore oil extraction: compact anti-corrosion protection

Operating safety and efficiency are main priorities for oil extraction. This requires systems to always be fully state-of-the-art. When a drilling platform in the Persian Gulf needed upgrading, ProMinent delivered the goods.

Wanted: modern technology. To suit: little space.

The offshore oilfield al-Bunduq has been online since 1976. The crude oil it supplies contains little sulfuric acid and is therefore of a very good quality and high market value. Corrosion inhibitors do still have to be added to the oil to prevent the acid from eroding the pipelines, causing costly damage and failure. When the time came to renovate the platform, NPCC, the company appointed by the operator, therefore needed a modern system to meter these corrosion inhibitors. This proved particularly challenging because space on a drilling platform is very limited, so the system had to be extremely compact. NPCC had years of good experience with ProMinent, was very satisfied with its reliable products and therefore requested a quotation.

Key figures

  • Metering corrosion inhibitors on an offshore drilling platform
  • The particular challenge: the limited space available required a compact system.
  • Complete system: Skid with 2 hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps Orlita MfS 18/7, instruments, accessories
  • Performance data: 73 strokes/min pump 2.8 l/h, temperature range -10 to 82 °C
  • Connection to the process control system

Customer orientation coupled with quality

ProMinent quickly submitted a quotation. It was one of only a handful of suppliers who were able to meet the customer's deadline requirements, delivered impressively clear communication and was awarded the order to provide a complete system for metering the corrosion inhibitors. Within one week in October 2015, a compact skid with 2 robust hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps Orlita MfS was installed on the drilling platform. A 1,000 litre tank, all instrumentation and accessories are also accommodated on the skid. The electric actuators on the pumps are controlled by means of the process control system. The system was finally taken into service in January 2016, again ensuring corrosion-free operation.

Safety in a very tight space

  • Reliable protection against corrosion and costly follow-on damage on the system
  • Safe system operation
  • Convenient pump control via the process control system
  • Rapid processing, outstanding project communication
  • Timely delivery for a smooth project

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