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The potable water supply in the households of the Bavarian Forest is not without its challenges thanks to the seasonal fluctuations in the quality of the raw water. But Stadtwerke Deggendorf are smart, and have put their trust in hi-tech from Heidelberg.

Intelligent modernisation

Deggendorf's water supply distributes around 5,500 cubic metres of water daily through a 222 km long main line pipework and along 142 km connection pipes into 7,000 households. A good 40% of the water comes from the company's own sources and the remainder from the Bavarian Forest Water Company, together using 12 water tanks with a total capacity of 7,080 m³, nine booster stations and five deacidification plants with a discharge of around 75 l/s.

In the course of extensive modernisation measures intended to maintain their competitive edge, the Stadtwerke Deggendorf have placed their trust, above all, in the installation of a system for the environmentally-friendly disinfection of raw water. This means a constant high and impeccable water quality is guaranteed for around 7,000 homes – even with increased SAC values caused by the seasonal fluctuations, which are themselves caused by snow melt, heavy rain and the backwashing of the deacidification plants.

Key figures

  • Daily supply of 5,500 million cubic metres of potable water to around 7,000 households
  • Adjustment of the raw water quality on the basis of seasonal fluctuations
  • Control with DULCOMARIN® II and disinfection with the UV system Dulcodes Z

Careful analysis for optimum construction

A Sigrist photometer enables the measuring of important parameters such as the temporary fluctuations in the raw water quality and the SAC values over the course of many months, by means of a UV absorption measurement with a wavelength of 254 nm. For the recording, analysis and storage of the SAC254 values ProMinent's measuring and controlling system DULCOMARIN® II has been installed. The precise configuration of the disinfection system that is needed is then calculated according to the data analysed.

Deggendorf now has a UV system with four lamps from the ProMaqua® Dulcodes Z product range, which enables the management of a flow up to 100 m³/h. The DVGW (German Gas and Water)-certified UV system offers biodosimetrically-proven disinfection performance for flow under these conditions.


  • Solution precisely tailored to the requirements of Stadtwerke Deggendorf
  • High-performance and reliable UV system including a measuring and control system with continual online measurements and monitoring of all relevant parameters
  • Guarantee of the constant high quality of hygienically impeccable potable water through effective disinfection regardless of seasonal contamination
  • Overall improved water quality for the households supplied thus ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Environmentally-friendly solution, as no chemicals are needed
  • Reduction in operating costs and optimised efficiency

»It was crucial for us that the planned UV system meets our raw water quality requirements. By performing UV absorption measurements, we know that we are absolutely on the safe side – even after seasonal contamination of the water quality. Our consumers now receive hygienically perfect water quality at all times, thanks to these sound measured values.« -  Michael Ertl, Christian Grabolle, Water Master at Stadtwerke Deggendorf

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