State-of-the-art fire protection in the Öresund Tunnel

Copenhagen, the Danish capital city, and Malmö in Sweden are around 15 kilometres apart – 15 kilometres of sea. Öresund has long separated these two countries. Now bridge and tunnel links make it the lifeline of the region.

An engineering masterpiece

In 2000, the long-awaited permanent crossing of the Öresund became reality and the Öresund Bridge and Tunnel were opened. Given the close proximity to Copenhagen airport, around 4 kilometres of the tunnel took the form of a caisson tunnel. It is the world's longest combined rail and road tunnel and consists of 20 elements, each 176 metres in length, sunk into the seabed. A fire extinguishing system from AQUASYS Technik GmbH, an Austrian pioneer in high-pressure water vapour fire protection systems, protects the tunnel's cable ducts. In 2009 it was found that microbiological influences in the water of the closed extinguishing circuit had caused biofilms and biochemical corrosion. To ensure that the deposits didn't block the atomising nozzles in the event of a fire, ProMinent was tasked with providing clean water.

Key figures

  • Treatment of extinguishing water for the Öresund Tunnel between Copenhagen and Malmö
  • Closed extinguishing water circuit with two water tanks of 350 m³ each
  • Water is softened using an ion exchange system DMEb WZE
  • Water is disinfected using a chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon® CDVc
  • The most important water parameters are measured and recorded by the controller DULCOMARIN® II: pH, ORP, chlorine, temperature and conductivity

Competence and comfort

ProMinent designed a system which softens and disinfects the extinguishing water and permanently monitors the water parameters. An ion exchange system DMEb WZE softens 13 m³ of water an hour. Chlorine dioxide is used for disinfection and the removal of biofilms. The chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon® CDVc produces this on site using the chlorite-acid method, supplies it to the hydrant and vapour systems and monitors to ensure that it is correctly metered. And to keep a check on general water quality at all times, the controller DULCOMARIN® II records the most important water parameters. All readings can be easily accessed remotely via the Internet. ProMinent planned, built and delivered the system, starting it up in 2010 in the presence of Austrian ProMinent engineers. It's our way of helping to ensure safety in the Öresund region!

Optimum extinguishing water – always on standby

  • Reliable readiness of the extinguishing water systems
  • Prevention of microbiological influences and biochemical corrosion
  • Planning, construction, delivery and commissioning of the system by ProMinent
  • Safe water disinfection thanks to chlorine dioxide generation on site
  • Convenient remote control of all important water parameters

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