The alternative to traditional water softening

With nanofiltration, ions dissolved in water are held back to a lesser degree than with reverse osmosis. Typical salt retention rates are between approximately 80 - 85 %. Multivalent ions (e.g. Ca and Mg) are retained better than univalent ions (e.g. Na, K). Nanofiltration systems are often a good alternative to reverse osmosis systems because there is no need for time-consuming regular regeneration with large amounts of salts.

It costs less

If lower salt retention is acceptable, nanofiltration is a suitable choice. These systems can be operated at lower operating pressures and a smaller booster pump can be used, all of which reduces costs. You benefit from a) lower investment costs and b) even more importantly, lower operating costs. For more information or if you have any questions, contact us – we're here to help.


Nanofiltration System Dulcosmose® NF

Permeate outputs from 1 to 50 m3/h, higher outputs possible on request

As a nanofiltration system, the Dulcosmose® NF, a compact and value-for-money unit, can take over partial desalination in industrial applications. Maximum permeate output at low operating pressures ensures low investment and operating costs thanks to the latest "ultra low pressure" membrane. more

Your benefits

  • Efficient operation with a low pressure membrane with outputs of up to 85% and high salt retention rates of up to 90% (depending on the type of membrane used).
  • Reduced maintenance and service costs, as well as long membrane service lives, thanks to integrated cleaning concepts and flushing options.
  • Optional permeate flushing of the entire system, including the membranes, after switching off to avoid deposits and extend the life of the membranes.
  • Best ProMinent manufacturing quality: High proportion of in-house manufacturing.
  • Pure quality: Use of long-life, high-quality components.
  • Service-friendly construction of systems on a corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel or stainless steel frame.

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