Metering systems for chlorine gas

In the metering system DULCO®Vaq, chlorine gas is safely handled under a vacuum. The negative pressure generated in the injector opens the vacuum dosing regulator fitted on the chlorine gas tank and the chlorine gas enters the water to be treated. Adjustment valves control the metering volume and flow meters precisely indicate the chlorine gas flow. A large number of individual configurations are possible thanks to the use of additional components, such as motorised control valves, injectors or vacuum switch-overs.

ProMinent DULCO®Vaq components are used for large-scale chlorine gas systems for applications in industry and the treatment of large volumes of water. Additional components, such as evaporators, pressure reducing valves, pressure switch-overs, metering systems and corresponding room equipment, are used.

ProMinent experts consider the latest safety requirements when designing systems for specific projects.

Perfect safety for operators and users with ProMinent chlorine gas metering systems DULCO®Vaq.

  • Chlorine gas metering equipment up to 200 kg/h
  • Reliable water bath chlorine evaporator
  • Pressure and vacuum switch-over
  • Emergency shut-off system
  • Neutralisers / scrubbers
  • Different configurations of weighing systems
  • Booster pumps
  • Safety room equipment

The benefits for you

  • Reliable, mature technology
  • Precise metering even with large flow volumes
  • High level of automation
  • Durable design
  • Full range for DIN19606-compliant systems

Field of application

  • Potable water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Swimming pool water treatment


Vacuum controller for chlorine gas DULCO®Vaq

Capacity: up to 200 kg/h

The vacuum controller DULCO®Vaq CGVa meters chlorine gas cost-effectively and efficiently. Maximum possible operating safety and reliability is ensured by the use of high-quality materials, such as tantalum and silver. more

Your benefits

  • Maximum safety thanks to the full vacuum system
  • Operating safety and reliability by the use of high-quality materials, like tantalum and silver
  • Coordinated components and accessories
  • Integrated safety bleeding

Motor-Driven Control Valve for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq

Capacity: 12 g/h to 15 kg/h

The motorised control valve for chlorine gas DULCO®Vaq type PM 3531 ensures precise electronically controlled metering of the chlorine gas flow. The linear control characteristic is guaranteed by an externally controlled step motor. more

Your benefits

  • Linear control action for precise metering
  • Multiple control and signalling functions
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Calibratable
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Easy control e.g. using DULCOMARIN® or DACb controller

Vacuum Switch-Over for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq

Capacity: 4 kg/h to 120 kg/h

Vacuum switches DULCO®Vaq PM 400 and 440 automatically and reliably switch between two chlorine gas storage tanks. They therefore ensure an uninterrupted chlorine gas supply, even if a chlorine gas storage tank becomes empty. more

Your benefits

  • Automatic switchover of chlorine gas sources
  • Purely vacuum-operated system without external auxiliary energy
  • Simple assembly and commissioning

Injector for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq

Capacity: 12 g/h to 200 kg/h

Injectors for chlorine gas, series DULCO®Vaq, generate a stable vacuum even at high operating pressures. more

Your benefits

  • Safe vacuum generation
  • Up to 40 bar back pressure
  • Integrated non-return valve
  • Versatile installation models
  • Durable housing

Note: Injector curves are available for all of the models for selecting suitable booster pumps.

Automatic chlorine gas metering system DULCO®Vaq

Capacity: 12 g/h - 15 kg/h

The chlorine gas metering system DULCO®Vaq type PM 3610 C for automatically controlled metering of chlorine gas. Its simple operation offers safety and precision in accordance with the current state of technology and in line with DIN standards. more

Your benefits

  • Automatic chlorine gas metering
  • Plug and Play
  • DIN 19606-compliant
  • Panel-mounted system
  • Wide-ranging controllable motorised control valve
  • Functional cover hood

Automatic Emergency Shut-Off System for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq

Automatic closure of chlorine gas valves in seconds.

The electrical Emergency Stop system provides additional safety for personnel and equipment by automatically closing off the chlorine gas supply. With its own operating unit and uninterrupted power supply, it reliably closes the chlorine gas valves in the event of an emergency, even following power failure. more

Your benefits

  • Closes directly at the valve
  • Closes all kinds of chlorine gas valves within seconds in the event of an emergency
  • Electrically operated and equipped with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • Adjustable torque for secure closure
  • System-independent retrofitting of existing chlorine gas systems
  • Simple assembly and dismantling when changing storage tanks without the need for tools

Evaporator for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq

Capacity range 50 – 200 kg/h

Evaporator DULCO®Vaq type PM3100C – for liquid chlorine applications and large chlorine gas systems – safe and reliable. more

Your benefits

  • Safe handling of large chlorine volumes of gas
  • Reliable water bath evaporator
  • Simple installation
  • Long service life due to cathodic corrosion inhibition
  • High level of automation
  • Durable housing

Neutraliser for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq

Neutralisation of 50 – 500 kg of chlorine gas

The neutraliser DULCO®Vaq is automatically triggered if a leak is detected or can be manually started. more

Your benefits

  • Neutralises chlorine gas in the event of a leak
  • 99.9% neutralisation in the water venturi
  • Safety and protection of the equipment
  • Automatic operation
  • Simple handling and maintenance

Pressure Switch-Over for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq

Capacity range of up to 200 kg/h

DULCO®Vaq pressure switch-over type PM 481 for continuous chlorine gas supply with high capacities. more

Your benefits

  • Safe handling by means of automatic operation and pressure monitoring
  • Continuous operating thanks to uninterrupted supply of chlorine gas
  • Simple operation
  • Simple connection using control supplied

Chlorine Gas Metering System DULCO®Vaq

Capacity: 20 – 200 kg/h

DULCO®Vaq type PMR540 und 550C – high-performance free-standing unit for precise chlorine gas metering in water treatment more

Your benefits

  • Stable thanks to GRP housing with reinforced frame
  • Direct operational control thanks to vacuum display
  • Additional safety thanks to vacuum check valve
  • Precisely adjustable using in-built flow meter
  • High level of automation due to novel motorised control valve

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