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Combining the benefits of two best-sellers produces the innovative range of peristaltic metering pumps DULCO flex Control . Naturally this new pump type can also be networked with DULCOnneX , the complete solution for your digital fluid management.

We continue to develop existing product ranges. There is now an API 675-compliant version of the hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps Hydro/ 2 and Hydro/ 3 available.

There are also two new types of the chlorine dioxide systems Bello Zon® available which, firstly, minimise the consumption of hydrochloric acid and, secondly, produce chlorine dioxide even more accurately. We also have two new products for disinfection with electrolysis . All our developments are influenced by digital progress and sustainability.

Other innovative new products can be found in the product catalogue, right at the start of each volume.

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Product Overview 2023

Products for chemical fluid handling
Products for water treatment and water disinfection

ProMinent Product Catalogue 2023 - Volume 1: Metering Technology

Low-pressure metering pumps
Peristaltic metering pumps
Motor-driven metering pumps
Transfer and peristaltic pumps
Metering systems
Process metering pumps

ProMinent Product Catalogue 2023 - Volume 2: Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology

Measuring and control points
Treatment of swimming pool water

ProMinent Product Catalogue 2023 - Volume 3: Water Treatment and Water Disinfection

UV systems
Ozone systems
Chlorine dioxide
Electrolysis systems
Metering systems ULTROMAT and DULCODOS
Storage tanks
Diaphragm systems

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