Cool by your pool in Basel

Swimming in the Rhine has been the cult thing to do in Basel for many years – and yet it's not everyone's cup of tea. By contrast, generate perfect water quickly and cost-effectively in your own pool using a compact metering system DULCODOS® Pool.

New building project – garden pool

On the border between Switzerland, Germany and France, straddling the River Rhine, lies lively Basel, Switzerland’s third largest city. Rhine swimming is organised once a year by the Swiss Lifesaving Society. However, even although the water quality of the river is now rated as being good, thanks to careful monitoring, many Swiss people still prefer their own pool.
One such person, from the area around Basel, opted to redesign his garden. Delta Pool, a specialist swimming pool construction and technology company, based in Biel-Benken, barely 20 minutes drive from Basel city centre, was responsible for the design and installation. Father and son, Rolf and Guy Kleiber, have been designing, building, refurbishing and maintaining private pools and spa facilities for over 20 years. Their mantra is: no matter the size of a pool, the overall concept has to be right.

Key data

  • New 9.0 x 3.5 metre private pool in an existing garden
  • DULCODOS® Pool Comfort complete solution for safe disinfection
  • Rapid project planning and fast installation

Cost-effective technology for small pools

A fully automatic metering system from the DULCODOS® Pool series, designed by ProMinent specifically for quick and easy use in private and public pools, is the ideal solution for this task. Rolf Kleiber is enthusiastic about these pre-assembled complete solutions, which are available in four different designs. Having already successfully installed several of these ready mounted complete solutions, it was easy to arrange a visit to an existing pool with his customer from just outside Basel.
The next stage was to start planning the new pool, measuring 9.0 x 3.5 m, for installation in the garden. The whole project, including commissioning, was completed in three months in 2016, the construction of the pool taking just under six weeks. In no time at all, Delta Pool had also installed the ready-to-connect measuring, control and metering system DULCODOS® Pool Comfort with a peristaltic pump DULCO®flex DF4a to meter flocculants.

Crystal-clear water, convenient control

The modern two-channel controller DULCOMETER® diaLog DACa fully automatically monitors constant compliance with the statutory hygiene parameters, such as pH and chlorine. DULCODOS® Pool Comfort meters the disinfectant with precision, delivering outstanding water quality with the minimal use of chemicals. The system is connected to the internet, allowing the owner to monitor the pool from the comfort of his computer.
The installed metering system DULCODOS® Pool Comfort shows that swimming pool water treatment in smaller pools is just as efficient and reliable as in public pools. It also demonstrates how a complete solution like this works economically and with minimal environmental impact

  • DULCODOS® Pool Comfort for economical water treatment in private pools
  • Optimum water quality thanks to precise metering of disinfectant and flocculant
  • Reliable operation and convenient monitoring on PC via Internet connection

»My customer is very happy. The pool takes almost no effort to look after and he can enjoy swimming in his own garden. The DULCODOS® pool products are practical complete solutions that make assembly and installation quick and easy. As well as the time factor, for me the professional configuration of the system and the way the components are designed to work together perfectly are decisive. The metering systems are compact but not overloaded, an important advantage when it comes to maintenance. And the support from ProMinent is always excellent.« -  Rolf Kleiber, owner of Delta Pool

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