Having an idea is one thing. What you do with it is something very different. A pioneering spirit and passion for technologies sometimes takes you all over the world. The commitment to want to change something in the world has also made the company what it is today. The company's founder Prof. Dr. h. c. Viktor Dulger was always interested in finding technical means of producing and reusing potable water and continually further developing them. This passion is contagious – and still today shapes the attitude of the ProMinent Group and its staff.

60 well-dosed years


Prof. Dr. h. c. Viktor Dulger founds Chemie & Filter GmbH in Heidelberg. The small company manufactures products for metering phosphate. These help to prevent limescale.


A real turning point: Prof. Dr. h. c. Viktor Dulger develops the first electronic solenoid metering pump, the "ProMinent electronic". This allows fewer chemicals to be used in numerous processes. For customers, this means reduced costs, economical metering and environmental sustainability. This clever invention is the breakthrough needed for the (as yet) small Heidelberg-based company. Later the pump gives its name to the ProMinent group of companies. In 1968 the company develops the first ozone generation systems.


The first move into system technology: further development of ozone generation systems for water disinfection. The Heidelberg-based company goes international as a subsidiary is founded in Switzerland. Other branches around the world soon follow.


Measuring and control technology is added, the perfect addition to the product range. Customers are now able to measure and control chemicals - an important component of the control circuit.


The company produces the first chlorine dioxide generation systems. This is a logical step since the company is already manufacturing the most important components (metering pumps, control units). A production site is set up in the USA.


The company looks to Asia. Singapore is the ideal place to found the first Asian subsidiary to supply the prospering markets in south-east Asia.


In addition to solenoid technology, electric motors are used to expand the capacity range of the metering pumps. The first motor-driven metering pump is launched.


The product range grows again. Only the sensors are needed to complete the control circuit. The company is already manufacturing metering pumps and controllers. The sensor range is now being successively added to. Sensors for measuring chlorine are the first to appear. The products are soon able to measure all common parameters.


Based on the product name of the first electronic solenoid metering pump, Chemie & Filter GmbH is now called "ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH". After all, this is the product by which the company is so well known.


Another milestone in the construction of metering pumps is the launch of the first solenoid metering pump with microprocessor control and LCD. ProMinent's technological superiority in metering pumps with a capacity of up to around 50 l/h is finally consolidated.


ProMinent continues to grow with production sites in Malta, China and Hungary.


ProMinent now provides all common processes for disinfecting water regardless of the technology used. Ozone and chlorine dioxide systems are joined by ultrafiltration and UV disinfection systems.


The acquisition of ORLITA Dosiertechnik GmbH significantly increases the range of metering pumps available. ORLITA metering pumps are process pumps with a capacity range of several 10 000 l/h which are used for many different purposes in the oil and gas industry.


The two millionth metering pump leaves the production line.


The founder's two sons take over the reins at the top of the company as Managing Partners.


Acquisition of TOMAL AB in Sweden. In Scandinavia TOMAL is one of the leading manufacturers of dry feeder systems and polymer batching stations.


Process metering pumps for very high pressures and feed volumes are added to the portfolio.


Acquisition of Van den Heuvel Watertechnologie bv in the Netherlands. VdH is a manufacturer of chlorine electrolysis systems, again expanding the product range. The workforce grows worldwide to around 2100.


ProMinent celebrates its 50th anniversary.


Domestic sales are outsourced. A separate sales subsidiary for Germany, "ProMinent Deutschland GmbH", is founded.


ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH changes its name to ProMinent GmbH. Growing global activities mean that the company needs a name that is easy to understand on the international markets.


New products are introduced: the gamma/ X, an extension of the tried and tested solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ L and the hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Orlita® Evolution.


The founder and chair of the supervisory board of ProMinent GmbH, Prof. Dr. h.c. Viktor Dulger, dies on 21 March 2016 at the age of 80.


UV system Dulcodes with adjustable output and vacuum-chlorine gas dosing system DULCO®Vaq


Launch of digital fluid management under the DULCOnneX label


The Evolution mikro is an innovative micro-metering pump for high pressures and is the first of its kind with an electronically regulated linear direct power end.


ProMinent celebrates its 60th anniversary.

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