Dual studies and placements

So, dual studies are hard work? Correct. But they are also a great privilege. You get to study at the university of cooperative education and take your first step on the career ladder with an attractive employer. And you are paid too.

ProMinent prepares you for your future career. By attending a dual studies course, every day you are surrounded by highly specialised colleagues who involve you in projects with a reference to real life.

As a placement student, you benefit from the experience and knowledge of our colleagues and the processes within the group of companies. Get a taster of what we do on a daily basis as a student!

Interested? Then send us the following documents:

  • Covering letter
  • CV
  • References
  • Confirmation from educational institution / university that this is a mandatory placement or mandatory part of your studies according to the course conditions. Also state the content, duration and desired start date for your placement
  • Application / topic preferences

Last but not least
Writing your dissertation (for your diploma, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree) at ProMinent is a great idea. We promise you that it won't be in vain. Because if the dissertation and our time together are good, you will be well placed for the future.

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Mr. Vikalp Tripathi

Managing Director, Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid Controls India Pvt. Ltd.

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