Chemical metering: Together but separate

Since November 2010, the Gjøa drilling platform has extracted oil and gas off the Norwegian coast. Doing this at sea requires many chemicals. The turnkey metering systems from ProMinent ensure their safe handling.

Challenging handling of aggressive chemicals

The floating drilling platform is located around 50 km off the Norwegian coast, in the Gjøa field. But what is actually extracted from a depth of 360 metres is still a mixture of crude oil, gas and water. Keeping the whole process working smoothly and efficiently requires the use of numerous chemicals. These prevent corrosion and deposits in the pipes, improve flow characteristics and enable the crude oil to be extracted from the mixture. These additives are aggressive and toxic and must not be allowed to come into contact with one another, or uncontrolled chemical reactions could result. The job of handling them is made more difficult by the high pressures and temperature fluctuations in this environment. Metering these substances requires the highest of safety measures.

Key figures

  • Offshore extraction of oil and gas uses numerous aggressive chemicals
  • Safety necessitates the strict separation of chemicals
  • Two metering systems with a combined total of 56 hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps Orlita® MF and Orlita® MH

Orlita and offshore: Perfect partnership

The Norwegian company PG Marine Group – Ing Per Gjerdrum AS, which specialises in offshore pumps and injection systems, was tasked with designing and manufacturing two turnkey systems for the Gjøa platform to meter the various chemicals required. At its heart: 56 ProMinent metering pumps. The engineers chosethe hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps Orlita® MF and Orlita® MH which, with their robust and virtually wear-free construction, are ideal for the harsh offshore environment. On the Gjøa platform they also have another advantage: one pump drives up to three pump heads, so it can meter different chemicals that are kept strictly separated. Safety is ensured by the double diaphragm and built-in relief valve. The dosing precision is excellent at ± 0.5 %.

One pump, many chemicals, maximum safety

  • Smooth extraction and processing of oil and gas
  • Safe operation thanks to reliable separation of chemicals
  • Minimal maintenance due to low-wear construction
  • Streamlined design: one pump drives up to three pump heads.
  • Excellent dosing precision of ± 0.5 %
  • Pump design in compliance with API 675

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