Clean and uncontaminated: cleaning potable water in Alsace

No matter how tiny the village, potable water is still an essential commodity. The Alsace village of Gueberschwihr shows how it pays to use modern ProMinent technology.

A romantic Alsace village...complete with water treatment plant

When you think of Alsace, you probably picture a village just like Gueberschwihr: Nestled among the vineyards on the slopes of the Vosges, south of Colmar, the village boasts the typical Alsace half-timbered houses bright with flowers, cobbled lanes and an ancient church. Even for its mere 900 inhabitants, it has its own water treatment plant to provide clean potable water. The raw water contains suspended matter and other substances that must be removed. To clean it, aluminium sulfate is added to the water, which acts as a flocculant: it binds the turbidities into flakes, which are then easily filtered out. Precise metering is important when it comes to aluminium sulfate because, while it is effective in very small amounts, high concentrations can be harmful.

Key figures

  • Water treatment plant for potable water treatment in an Alsace village with 900 residents
  • Removal of suspended matter with aluminium sulfate as a flocculant
  • Precise metering particularly important on the grounds of cost and health
  • Metering of the flocculant via the solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ L
  • Monitoring of the metered quantities with the flow meter DulcoFlow®

Slow and closely monitored metering of the flocculant

A solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ L from ProMinent adds around 60 - 240 ml of a watery aluminium sulfate solution to the water every hour. This produces a slow, pulsing flow which is monitored by the flow meter DulcoFlow® to ensure that the right quantity is maintained. The flow meter uses ultrasound to measure the volume of the flowing aluminium sulfate solution and sends this information to the central control unit. Thanks to the ultrasonic process the DulcoFlow® requires no moving parts, making it virtually wear-free. The operators value the durable, low-maintenance system, which ensures reliable potable water treatment while keeping the use of chemicals to a minimum. And of course, the result is healthy, safe water.

Clean water, reliable operation

  • Fresh, clean water for Gueberschwihr at any time
  • Solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ L delivers a watery solution of aluminium sulfate at around 60 - 240 ml/h
  • Flow meter DulcoFlow® monitors metering quantities with ultrasound
  • Ultrasound flow meter: virtually wear-free, low-maintenance, long service life
  • Reliable monitoring of metering via a central control unit
  • Economical operation due to minimal use of chemicals

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